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Friday, November 4, 2011

Women with Most Unique Sex Organs

No woman has vaginal sex organs with the exact same shape, every woman has the uniqueness of each.

The vagina is a tube-shaped channel that connects the uterus to the outside of the female body. Not only in men, the shape and size of the female sex organs are also often discussed, especially relating to sexual satisfaction.

Here are 7 women who have the most unique vagina, as reported by Huffingtonpost,

1.Women with 2 vaginal
There are some women who had two vaginal, one of them is Lauren Williams.This woman was born with a rare disorder Bicornuate uterus, which makes it have two vagina, two uterus and cervix are also two.

2.Women who have sex with 620 men in 1 day.
In 1999, adult film star Houston had sex with 620 men in one day, which is claimed as the world's largest gang bang.

3.Women with vaginal strongest in the world
Tatiata Kozhevnikova has the world's strongest vagina.Her intimate organs can lift loads up to 14 kg.He even listed in the Guinness World Records and has a special barbell to the vagina.

4.Women without vaginal
1 in 4,000 girls born with congenital abnormalities that make the vagina is not perforated.Externally, the genital area of women with this disorder to normal, with the clitoris, labia and urethra, but in the vagina there are only a small indentation that is not perforated.Some women are born with this condition prefer to do surgery.

5.Tradition lengthen the labia in women Rwanda
In America, many women undergo plastic surgery to shrink the labia (vaginal lips) called labiaplasty.But in the Republic of Rwanda, central Africa, the women purposely stretching the labia.In their culture, elongated labia are considered an asset that can produce a better sexual satisfaction.

6.Women with vaginal deepest in history.
Anna Swan (1846-1888) was reported as the owner of the vagina deepest ever recorded in history, which is 37.5 cm long.It is not so surprising because the high-achieving women are 2.27 m so that his organs were large.

7.Women with the longest pubic hair.
Maoni Vi of Cape Town, South Africa reportedly has the longest penis with a size of 28 inches (71.12 cm).